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From overwhelming student debt to restricted free speech and Clery Act violations, Michigan State University has lost the trust of Michiganders. Pat O’Keefe knows we can build a stronger MSU through accountability, innovative solutions, and free speech.

Why Pat O’Keefe?

Pat is an experienced leader who has helped large organizations in times of crisis, both as a CEO and as a professional in the field of crisis management. Pat is an expert in strategic and financial advisory with a proven track record of developing creative solutions. Pat is also a forensic accountant responsible for investigating several large Ponzi schemes in Michigan.

Pat is a true conservative who believes the voices of conservative students at MSU have been silenced for too long. He will protect free speech for all members of the campus community.

Prioritizing Michigan Students

MSU uses state dollars. That means we must be sure all Michigan state residents are a priority for admission over non-Michigan students. Michigan is a diverse state. The University should be able to handle diversity initiatives by educating Michigan students.

Protecting Free Speech

Critical thinking comes from being exposed to diverse opinions. We are shortchanging our students by censoring campus speech. This has been especially true of conservative viewpoints, which have been suppressed nationwide on college campuses.

Making College Affordable

Pat is committed to making MSU affordable by developing thoughtful and fiscally responsible operations. MSU students leave college with educational loan balances that look like home mortgages – except students don’t get a house. This scenario does not give our next generation hope for a better life when they are indentured servants to freely accessible government loan programs.

Ensuring Students’ Safety

MSU must ensure a safe environment for students, as well as timely and accurate reporting on Clery Act violations. MSU should be ashamed of having the highest penalty ever enforced for a Clery Act violation. As part of their governance responsibility, the MSU Board of Trustees must ensure safeguards and internal controls are in place for accurate reporting and student safety.

Innovating Learning Technology

The delivery of education is changing. The latest pandemic has demonstrated knowledge and acceptance of e-learning initiatives. MSU must strategically and competitively develop a plan to use all of the tools necessary to deliver a cost-effective quality education.

Preparing Our Citizen-Students

Pat is an accounting graduate and business owner who firmly believes that a strong understanding of the values of self-reliance, capitalism, ethics, and the U.S. Constitution should be a minimal goal of higher education.

In The News

Restoring Free Speech on Campus

The University has a goal to educate students to be productive in our future society.

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Why Pat's Running

Pat believes in giving back to the university that has given so much to him, and he will solve MSU’s management crisis.

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Pat O’Keefe Announces Bid for MSU Board of Trustees

LANSING, MI – Michigan State University (MSU) Alumnus, Pat O’Keefe, is formally announcing his intention to run for MSU Board of Trustees.

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John James Endorses Pat O’Keefe for MSU Board of Trustees

Pat is focused on prioritizing Michigan students, protecting free speech, making college affordable, and most importantly keeping students safe.

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Pat O’Keefe on Education Reform

In today’s educational environment, Pat O'Keefe believes we are short changing students and jeopardizing a free society and our democracy.

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Pat O’Keefe on Prioritizing Michigan Students

Michigan residents should receive priority for Michigan State University admissions. As a recipient of state tax dollars, the University should be required to prioritize Michigan tax payers.

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Pat O’Keefe on MSU Returning to Remote Learning for the Fall Semester

Bringing back students and faculty to campus safely should be a top priority for Michigan State University. This is yet another reason why there needs to be a change in leadership at Michigan State.

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Pat O'Keefe's Six-Point Platform for MSU

Pat O’Keefe is a proven leader and is results driven. MSU needs a Trustee with Pat O’Keefe’s background and experience. Pat has all the right ingredients to help lead MSU. I am proud to endorse Pat O’Keefe for MSU Board of Trustees.

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Bill Schuette Endorses Pat O’Keefe for MSU Board of Trustees

Michigan State University is at a crisis point and it needs a Trustee who understands what it takes to upend the status quo and bring about a positive change for students and faculty.

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Pat O’Keefe on Nomination Transparency

Typically State Convention candidates keep their nomination presentations under wraps until Convention Saturday. But I am not your typical candidate and I want you to be able to see my final argument before you cast your vote.

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